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How to: Ali's Spring Look

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Spring is a perfect time to experiment and try new things with your makeup. Every spring, I try to challenge myself to improve upon one aspect of my makeup. This year I chose skin! Truthfully, foundation has always been tricky for me. I grappled with trying to get my redness prone, freckly skin to seem smooth and even until I decided to work with what I had. For this look, I used my new favourite skin routine. This method leaves the skin looking healthy, glowing and natural. The best part? It's simple and fit for everyone! 

Step 1: Eyes

Your foundation will look the best when you apply your eye makeup first! Starting with the eyes prevents fallout (light dusting of eyeshadow or glitter) which settles under the eye, creating an unwanted shadow. For my spring look, I wanted to keep things effortless and easy. 

Start with a wash of "Soulful" eyeshadow to neutralize the colour of your lid. Using a creamy eyeshadow will also increase the colour payoff of the eyeshadows you use next!  Then apply "Beloved" eyeshadow to the lid, leaving a space clean in the centre. Using your finger, pat eyeshadow in "Sweet" onto the clean space. "Sweet" is a satin eyeshadow, meaning it has a glitter-free and soft sheen; perfect for brightening the eye! For the lower lash line, I used a brush to diffuse the fabulous "Freedom" eyeliner! To soften the eyeliner, use a small, dense eyeshadow brush. Apply a small amount of the eyeliner onto the brush and sweep it under the eye. This method thins out the eyeliner, so repeat this step until you have your desired colour. Next apply Eyeline in "Origin" and mascara. Fill in your brows with your desired colour, I use "Earthen" eyeshadow. Finish off with some "Fairy" Loose Twinkle Powder in the inner corners of the eye for extra shine! 

Step 2: Skin

Begin with Fresh Tint foundation, this formulation is perfect for a dewy glow! I use "Fairest". Next apply a small amount of "Love" Universal Creme to the cheeks. Using "Sun Beam" bronzer and a fluffy brush apply the bronzer to the cheek bones, hairline and nose. Next add "Desire" blush on top of "Love" Universal Creme, then use what is left on the brush to sweep the colour over the nose. Bringing the cheek colour over the nose helps to make the skin look naturally sun kissed. Next we will be adding a few fake freckles! Even if you already have freckles, this is a great way to make your skin makeup look even and natural. For this we will be using "Earthen" eyeshadow and a very small eyeliner brush. Spray the brush with facial toner or dip it lightly in water and dip the brush into "Earthen". Start to make small dots along your cheeks, nose and forehead. If your freckles start to look a little too strong, pat them with your finger to diffuse the colour. For highlight, I used "Fairy" Loose Twinkle Powder. Remember, a little of this glittery goodness goes a long way!

To set the foundation, sparingly dust "Glowing" Loose Powder onto the skin. To keep your skin looking dewy, use powder only where you need it. For myself I added the powder under my eyes and on the sides of my nose.  

Step 3: Lips

On my lips I am wearing "Wild" lipstick (aka my favourite shade ever!) as a stain. To turn any lipstick into a stain, start by applying the lipstick and then blotting with a tissue. Continue to apply and blot until you get your desired texture! 

And that's it! Simple and effortless beauty! I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and I encourage you to go try something new with your beauty routine. 

Springtime has a way of changing my view of the world. Sometimes all we need is a little springtime sun to break away from the winter blues. Well, sunshine and makeup of course! ;)

Happy Spring everyone!

xox Ali


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