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Eluma creative started as most great ideas do. A seed. Planted a number of years ago, when I was struggling to find create a better, healthier life for myself. A total life overhaul. (No biggie, right?) I started with my diet, and slowly moved through all the areas of my life that I felt could be better, more meaningful, cleaner, greener. When it came to my cosmetics bag and bathroom counter - I hit a wall. Although living a healthy life was my goal, I found it really difficult to reconcile the product junkie in my mind with the earth loving goddess in my soul.

At the time, my partner and I were living in the UK, and I was free to fill my days with Ukulele practice (I was in a band NBD) my part-time job at Anthropologie (read: sweet discounts) and taking any (and every) class and workshop I could get my hands on. I learned how to sew, make cocktails, cook Indian food, and of course - make my own skincare. I had been experimenting with making my own products for a few years up to this time, but taking the formal class ignited the spark, renewed my vigor for DIY, and also gave me a new desire - to share my new found love and knowledge with others. 

Fast forward a few years - my passion for healthier skincare and cosmetics only grew stronger. I started a company called Elate Cosmetics and we make toxin-free, cruelty-free and vegan makeup products. Eluma Creative is our workshop and service division, where we spread our love of beauty and skincare rituals. I hope you can join us in changing your routine to ritual, and make your bathroom a little 'greener'.

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