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Picking the Perfect Foundation

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One of the questions I am asked most often is "What kind of foundation should I use?". Often times, we are caught up in all the different terms that are used in the beauty industry. Glowing, matte, sheer, full, oil free, moisturizing, 2-in-1, 4-in-1... it's all too much! Today, I will help demystify the world of foundation makeup by walking you through four types of skin products we make here at Elate. With this guide you can find the perfect foundation for your skin and lifestyle! 

We will start with the Fresh Tint Foundation. This product is my personal favourite and is perfect for someone who doesn't like the feeling of foundation on their skin. This is the product I introduce to those who don't usually wear skin products because it feels like a moisturizer. Its silky texture leaves the skin moisturized and its blend of oils prevent cakey patches. It also has a natural SPF of 15 for your skin's protection from the sun. This formulation can be applied in several ways. 

Sheer Finish: If you prefer a very natural finish, massage the foundation into the skin with your hands, blending in circular motions or use a flat foundation brush. Softly apply a loose powder with a large, fluffy brush to set the foundation. 

More Coverage: If you would like to increase the coverage, use a buffing brush (compact bristles, dome shape) and push the product into the skin gently avoiding swiping motions. Apply a pressed foundation powder to add extra coverage and set the foundation. The buffing brush technique can also work with the loose powder if you are happy with the amount of coverage.

Next is the Full Tint Foundation. This product is perfect for those who want to conceal and even their skin texture. I have seen the best results with this foundation on those who have acne prone skin. Sometimes, the skin around pimples can become very dry. This dryness can be easily softened by the blend of moisturizing coconut and argan oils in the Full Tint Foundation, leaving the skin with a soft texture. 

Medium Coverage: Apply the foundation with a buffing brush, pushing the product into the skin. Set with a loose foundation powder.

More Coverage: Apply the foundation with a buffing brush and set with a pressed powder. 

Lastly, the powders. There are two types of loose powder, glowing and mattify, and one type of pressed powder. The loose powders are translucent and can be used on any skin tone. 

Glowing Powder: Glowing Loose Powder has a small amount of light reflecting properties, perfect if you want a glowing, youthful skin without shimmer. Apply with a fluffy powder brush on top of foundation or by itself for a sheer veil.  

Mattify Powder: Mattify Loose Powder has no light reflecting properties and will give you a flat texture without any glow. Best for those with oily skin. Apply with a fluffy powder brush or by itself for a sheer veil. 

Pressed Powders: The pressed powders can be used on their own or in combination with a liquid foundation. These colours are not universal, choose a colour to match your foundation. Apply with a fluffy brush or a flat powder brush to increase coverage. 

I hope this helps you all find the perfect formulation for your skin! And remember, there are no rules to makeup. Find the combination that works for your skin and makes you feel beautiful! 


Ali Loughton 


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