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Simple, Smokey Sunset Eyes

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To me, summer beauty is all about effortless radiance. In this tutorial I will demonstrate my favourite eye makeup method that won't have you sitting inside missing the precious summer sun for too long. 

Our brilliant business assistant, Cady, generously let me paint her face for this look! Thank you, Cady! 

As always, we will start with the eyes. I call this look "sunset eyes" because that is the best way to visualize how to create this eye makeup. Instead of concentrating the darkest colour in the outer corner we will smoke it out on the lash line, letting it fade into the dark brown which will blend into our lightest, warm toned colour. Just like a sunset!

Begin by using Kindle eyeshadow on a fluffy blending brush. Apply to the crease and blend upwards in small circular motions to create that perfect soft, smokey effect. Kindle is a lovely warm tone perfect for blue eyes! Next, we will apply Oracle eyeshadow with a flat eyeshadow brush to the lid. Pack on the colour and then blend with the same fluffy brush. Make sure you don't blend Oracle above the crease. With a small shader brush (or your pinky finger!) apply a small amount of Stillness eyeshadow to the lash line. Blend out until there is no longer a visible line.

For the lower lash line, follow the same method. Start with Kindle, letting it smoke out the lowest, then Oracle, and then a small amount of Stillness at the lash line. Apply Mascara. 

For Cady's eyebrows I used Earthen eyeshadow. With a small angle brush, lightly apply the colour in small strokes to the eyebrows. I wanted to keep the eyebrows pretty natural and whispy, giving just enough colour to frame the eyes.

Next, follow your favourite skin routine. For Cady's skin I used Fairest Fresh tint Foundation, Porcelain Concealer and Pressed Powders in Sand and Ivory to Highlight under the eyes.

To compliment the warm eyes, apply Sunbeam Bronzer softly with a fluffy powder brush to the cheeks, hairline, sides of the nose, chin and jawline. Finish off with a touch of Naked Lipstick and you're done!

Now get to that beach party looking fabulous! 


-Ali Loughon


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