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My Vegan Story - Lacey Iris

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Hi! My name is Lacey, and I have been vegetarian since I was thirteen years old. For the first two years I was happily vegetarian without any issue. Moving out of my parents’ house when I was 15 and living on a chicken and beef farm made my choice much harder. I decided after running into health issues that I would try to eat meat again until I could better manage my health. Unfortunately my health issues became much worse and I felt dramatically worse as soon as I started eating meat again. I consulted with my doctor and learned that once you have stopped eating meat your body will stop producing the enzymes to break down the meat to digest. If I wanted to keep eating meat I would have to slowly re-introduce it back into my diet. This to me was a completely ridiculous concept; one does not have to slowly introduce fruit or veggies if they stop eating them for a period of time. This sparked my interest into learning more about the meat industry. Learning more and more the deeper I researched, I became very aware that not only was meat not something I wanted to put into my body, but dairy as well. I slowly cut dairy, and animal products, I became full vegan by the time I was 18 years old.
Completely changing my life for the better, I choose to make the decision to live animal free. Being vegan has only positively affected my life; I have never been healthier, more energetic or more mentally aware. I feel that removing the chemicals of over produced animal products, as well as the hormones has done wonders for me. One of the major factors into my vegan decisions was a thought that came to me late at night after reading the book “Skinny Bitch”. Animals that are being slaughtered go through so many traumas before being killed. The fear, stress, and elevated adrenaline cause chemical reactions within a body. I believe when something is killed, all of those chemicals will be frozen into their meat. I do not want to eat such terrible traits; I do not want to eat fear.
Being vegan in the dating world has always been interesting. One of the first things I hear when telling a partner about my veganism is; I won’t ever be vegan. In which I always reply, that’s fair, your body, your choice. When Jordan and I first met he said that exact sentence. I completely understand and respect the misconception that the general public has towards vegans. We are bombarded by PETA videos and protesters, who use very abrupt methods to gain attention. My approach is very different. I never address someone’s choice to eat meat or dairy, because it is exactly that. I hate more than anything when I get questions like; where do you get your protein? Are you sick? Don’t you understand the food chain? I choose to live vegan and when people come over for dinner, I love to cook for them my favourite vegan dishes and wow them with their taste buds. Jordan still occasionally eats meat when we are out, but day to day, he has slowly seen and realised the benefits of vegan eating. He cooks vegan meals at home, and it has really brought us closer together because it is something we share, and I have been able to teach him. Our date nights in the kitchen our some of our favourite memories; creating the most amazing vegan Chinese food, paired with wine and laughing, to me there is no better evening. Finding your passion and sharing it with your partner is one of the most rewarding, and bonding experiences you can ever have
~ Lacey


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