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Meet the Team - Suzanne Sagmeister

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We love Suzanne! You can see evidence of Suzanne's support of Elate all over our website...she does all our photography for our lifestyle shoots, and we are always amazed at how much energy she brings to our shoots, and the photos are always amazing!  

Occasionally the stars align and you meet a true friend. I first met Suzanne during a shoot for our mutual friend Jen Bell of Discarded Couture, and we immediately felt a connection. Suzanne has the biggest heart, and wears it on her sleeve. As an ethical vegan, with a passion for music and people, I knew she was a kindred spirit. Suzanne is a gifted photographer, as you can see from her work. Her passion for capturing moments extends to creating the Conspiracy of Hope, a grassroots photographic movement to create conversation about suicide, inspire hope and save lives. Thank you so much Suzanne for your dedication to helping others (including me!) and your friendship. 

The Conspiracy of Hope was founded by photographer Suzanne Sagmeister.  Suzanne has photographed suicide survivors and interviewed them to uncover their messages of hope. As well, she co-wrote a song with CCMA award winner Tenille which will become the theme song for the Conspiracy of Hope movement. The goal is to continue photographing suicide survivors to show how it affects us all and create conversation. Suicide is a leading cause of death and it is, 100% preventable. It is our belief that together, we can save lives. Join Suzanne in support of this much needed and good work. 

Check out Suzannes work here and support the Conspiracy of Hope!

Thank you Suzanne for always being there for us! 



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