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Fur Friday - Meet Ringo

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Meet Ringo! He will turn 8 in November. He currently spends his days living the good life in sweet home Alabama. Although Ringo doesn't fit the typical rescue story, his story is one that highlights a common problem that often contributes to the overpopulation epidemic of strays and over-packed shelters across the world. Ringo is a product of an "accidental" litter. As soon as he was born, Ringo was viewed only as a mere "mistake" and "served no purpose." It's sad to think that someone could look at Ringo as only a "mistake" - after all, he didn't ask to be brought into this world with no place to go or without a family to love him. Upon hearing about Ringo and his situation, Lexi made the decision to make him a part of her family. Since that day, the have been inseparable.

Ringo now spends him time enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Some of his favourite things include hiking in the great outdoors, snuggling up on the couch, or sunbathing on a beautiful day. Ringo also spends part of his time raising awareness about spaying/neutering pets and educates others about responsible ownership to ensure more furbabies don't end up with a story like his. He is also a big advocate for pet adoption and tries to encourage others, who are adding a new pet to the family, to always consider adoption first. Ringo also advocates holistic nutrition and believes optimal health starts from the inside-out.

Lexi says: "No matter what life throws at us, Ringo is always by my side. He's taught me so much over the years and truly shown me what it's like to have such unconditional love. I really don't know how I got so lucky. He is my best friend. He is family. When I brought him home, I made a decision - a lifelong commitment... and I haven't had any regrets."








Cruelty-Free is the way to go. We love our little fur-friends, and know you will too. Give some love to Ringo on Instagram.



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