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Hello! I am Alanna from Coral Humming Bird. This is my first official Green Beauty make-up review! I was happy to get done up today, because I am totally loving this brand. Elate is a Canadian company with some of the loveliest packaging around. And of course clean and safe, non-toxic ingredients.
Above is the unboxing of my recent order from Elate. I came across them a few weeks ago when I really started researching Canadian green beauty brands, and was instantly attracted to their products because of the visual appeal. Lucky for me, I tested out one of their lipsticks almost right away, as the shade Lively was included in my Petit Vour subscription box last month! This shade is not one I would ever pick for myself, and isn't as pigmented as the other colours I have (hence why it's called a Sheer, although the other Sheer colour Vivacious is much more buildable), but on the lip it actually looks quite pretty and not sparkly - so don't be put off by the little gold flecks visible in the stick. Here's a close up:
Elate Sheer Lipstick in Lively
The feel of these lipstick is absolutely divine. I have really dry lips that peel a lot so I cannot handle lipsticks unless they're very moisturising, like these Elate ones. After I tried Lively and knew I loved the creamy formula, I couldn't stop myself from ordering the shade I fell in love with at first glance: Spirit - aptly named because it's pretty much my spirit lipstick.
Elate Vibrant Lipstick in Spirit; Pretty Organics Cosmetics With this Kiss Sugar Lip Scrub
I ended up ordering the Elate lipstick in Spirit off their main website, even though they are carried by a few other on-line stores already, because I wanted to sample some of their other items. I chose two more lipstick colours, a Crème formula in Warrior, and another Sheer formula in Vivacious. I also got the Universal Crème for cheeks and lips in Love, and their Fresh Tint Foundation in Bare. All of these are vegan and cruelty-free. 
These are the lipsticks in natural daylight by a window with no enhancements. 
Top to bottom: Vivacious, Warrior, Lively, Spirit
Here is a large swatch of the Universal Crème in Love. 
I did apply several coats of Lively on my arm and on my lips for the picture too, it just really is very sheer - as the formula name indicates. The Universal Crème sample came with a larger chunk than the lipsticks, and I did a heavier application on my hand but just a light application with a stippled brush when I applied it to my cheeks (in my After picture at the end). Here's a picture of that on my lips, which is really soft and pretty.
Elate Universal Crème in Love
More lip applications of the other three colours for you:
Elate Sheer Lipstick in Vivacious
Elate Crème Lipstick in Warrior
Elate Vibrant Lipstick in Spirit
Vivacious is a gorgeous berry colour, I actually like this one a lot even though it was a little different than I thought from the website picture. A really nice fall colour that's not too dramatic. Warrior is quite a lot different than the website picture. The description does state that it's a warm red, but it's a much more rusty orange based red to me. The Crème formula was a little harder to work with without a liner than the Sheer (and even Vibrant) ones. The lasting power was greatest for the Vibrant formula of the Spirit colour - it actually stained the skin on my arm a bit and provides the same effect on your lips. 
I really only started wearing lipstick in the last year or so. I was always just a gloss girl before, but since I hardly ever wear eye shadow any more (especially now that I tossed the last of my toxic brands) I'm really in love with the bold lip and fresh faced look. Spirit definitely fits the bill for that one, so I used it in my full make-up application when I was testing out the Fresh Tint Foundation. Here is a before picture of my bare face (wet dog hair and all):
Clean faced, prepped for make-up application
And about 10 minutes later, my magical After picture!
The formula of the Fresh Tint Foundation is exactly what I like - not too thick, really soft, creamy and blendable. The Elate website description says that it contains Argan and coconut to even out skin tone and hydrate your skin. "Bamboo extract, and Bentonite Clay help prevent irritation, while Zinc Oxide provides natural sun protection." It's a lighter coverage foundation, definitely more of a tint but with a creamier texture than some tinted moisturisers. I applied it all over with my fingers, and then added a bit more with a concealer brush to my under eye area (I haven't received my new concealer yet so I didn't use any here) and around my nose where I get the most redness. It didn't totally cover it but certainly well enough for day to day wear for me. It seems to be a pretty good colour match for my skin, but later on I did notice some patchiness on my forehead area. This is always a problem zone for me and I have issues finding foundations that don't do this, even with exfoliating and prepping my skin. When I apply powder in that area it flakes, so I'm not surprised the foundation didn't hold up as long since I didn't use a setting powder there. 
The price point of the Elate products are mid-range, but you can tell a lot of love goes into their production. Overall, I'm so impressed with everything I tried and would definitely recommend the lipsticks as one of my top picks! 
Thanks for reading this review of Elate Cosmetics, let me know if you've tried them yet! 
xoxo Alanna (you can find me on Instagram @coralhummingbird)


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