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6 Ways to Clean up Your Cosmetic Bag for 2016

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I know, I know....everyone is talking about it: 'New Year - New YOU!' Allow me to add my voice to the mix by saying ANYTIME is a good time to clean up your makeup bag. So why not today? With these few simple swap outs, you can go totally clean and green for 2016, (LOL...rhyming is the best) and your skin will thank you. 

1. Protect your Face:  Swap out your chemical foundation for an all natural tinted moisturizer or full tint. Most all natural tints have a built in SPF and all will be made with skin loving butter and oils tinted with natural pigments. Try Elate Fresh or Full Tint Foundations and watch for a new face product to be launched this year.

2. Lip Balm Bomb:  If you are anything like me, you have a pocket full of lip balms right now. Vegan issues aside (most lip balms are made with beeswax) you may not be aware of all the nasties you are putting right on your lips. (Case in point, here are the first 5 ingredients of a very popular lip balm brand: jojoba esters, octyldodecanol, diisostearyl malate, polyethylene, petrolatum - No thank you!) To keep your lips soft and supple this winter switch to a natural lip balm - we love the Merry Balm formulation , or the traditional Elate Balm for a hint of colour.  

3. The Eyes Have It: I know that for some of you, mascara may be the only thing you wear. Make sure the formulation you are using is good for your eyes. Our eyes are the windows to our soul, and literally the windows into our bodies, so that means everything you put on your eyes, can potentially make its way into your body. Keep it clean people! We LOVE the Essential Masacra. (Of course)


4. Brow it up: Ditch your waxy brow pencil and try using shadow and an angle brush. The Elate EyeColours are fabulous for brows, simply make your brush a little damp to get full colour coverage and a more precise line, or keep it dry for a softer look. If you are not already shading in your brows, now is your chance to start green! We love Earthen for blondes, Zealot for gingers, and Rise for brunettes.  

5. Gloss is Good: Even though we don't like to admit it...we all eat our lip gloss. Maybe not straight out of the tube (like my toddler once did) but we definitely ingest it after it goes on our lips. So it should be edible...right? Elate gloss is made with coconut oil, for a smooth feel with no stickiness, and a little peppermint essential oil for a yummy scent. If you do happen to eat it - don't fret, it's not harmful! Try Shine for a sheer colourless gloss, or Fierce for a pop of purple.

6. Smile more, be kind to your self, be kind to others. This is the best possible way to feel and look more healthy and beautiful. Much love.

With these little changes, you are on your way to a cleaner beauty ritual, and we are elated for you! 




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