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How to apply liquid eyeliner - with Elate EyeLine

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Hello friends! Liquid eyeliner has long been the mysterious thing only pro's and expert self taught pin-up type ladies know how to use properly...right? No way! I often tell my clients that it is actually easier to put liner on yourself than it is to put it on another person, like with most things, you just need a little instruction, a little practice and a LOT of patience. (Case in point...I had to remove my line 3 times to get these photos right!)

The Elate EyeLine is not only a super clean (and cruelty-free of course!) formula, it also has a flexible brush tip as opposed to the traditional pen tip. This creates an easier application and betters your chances of getting a (somewhat) straight line. Keep in mind that your lashes make your eye line not straight so, you are trying to draw a straight line on a curved, jagged surface. Here are 4 simple steps to getting a (near) perfect line:

Be sure to wipe the excess product off your brush before you begin. 

Let your lashes be the guide, the flexible brush tip does the rest!

Remember to look at your liner with your eyes looks different when one eye is closed.

Voila! Simple, yes?

I will be doing a video tutorial for this look next week, in the meantime let me know your thoughts!





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