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Eyeshadow for your Eye Colour: Brown

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Sometimes, creating confidence can be as simple as learning a new makeup trick. In this third instalment of our Eyeshadows for your Eyes series we will be exploring deep and beautiful brown eyes. If you are in the range of honey brown, chocolate, clay, cinnamon or anything deeper, these tips below will apply to you! 

The complimentary colour for brown is a deep blue. For brown eyes, we will use blue tones. Blue tones will make your brown eyes radiate! Shades like Shift and Rebel to contour paired with Aerial and Lumen shadows will supply you with a very versatile collection that can be used for a number of looks for night and day! If you're a fan of sparkle, pair Fairy Twinkle Powder to highlight. 

All of the shadows I have mentioned above can be incorporated into any type of makeup look! So wether you prefer a very natural or very glam look, your eyes will always sparkle. 

Ali xo

PS: If you find that you're an "in between" eye colour or you just want to learn about the colour wheel, this link is to my favourite interactive colour wheel! Happy playing!,0.8409798675466025,1,0.07611562533550575,0.015074245645296025,1,0.12442892673039907,0.06657962459383793,1,0.7,0.5890192284311069,0,1,0.8520118379132834,0.06657962459383793&swatchOrder=0,1,2,3,4


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