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Honour your rituals - January = CURE

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Honour your rituals

As the calendar rolls over, we often turn to making resolutions as a way to improve our health, and our lives. This year I decided that even though these are well intentioned, often they result in more strife than good. Un-kept resolutions cause stress and guilt (at least for me they do) so I wanted to share a gentler way to stay on the path to being more awesome.

I already have my tried and true things I do each day, and that is what honouring the ritual is all about. The days that I can maintain my self care rituals even when I am feeling tired, or feel like I am too busy - that is when I really need my self care to stay on track. 

I decided each week to incorporate something new into my self care rituals. I will try to do something simple each day, and at the end of the week, if I feel like something has really sparked me up, I will add it to my existing ritual. No guilt, no worries...I'm already doing great things...but this small exercise will allow me to do a little better if I can. Each month has a different theme, and for January I will be focusing on a different area each week. (I know it sounds complicated, but I promise it is super simple!) Let's get to work!

January = Cure

After the holiday season ends, I often fee like I need a bit of 'curing' whether it be my diet, or the patterns I have fallen into from being on vacation. (and being crazy bust before that period) 

The first week of January is all about curing our bodies. Sunday, let's take stock of how we are feeling, and listen to what our body is telling us. Each day, add a new activity to your rituals, and see how you feel at the end of that day. Write it down. On Saturday listen to your body again, look back at your journal, and see what day you felt the best. Consider adding that activity into your self care rituals. 

Easy peasy -right? I have included this handy download to make this journey a little easier. Who's with me? 

Honour your body with self love. 







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