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3 Steps to Simplifying your Beauty Rituals

A beauty ritual should be fun, not complicated. It should inspire you to be your best self and move through your day with this sentiment at the top of mind. Your rituals are what bring joy to simple everyday actions. They are moments that you create for yourself to admire all the wonderful things about YOU.

We’ve come up with a few ways to simplify your makeup routine.

Reduce Your Rituals

The first step to simplifying your beauty rituals is to decide how you will use the products in the most sustainable ways possible.

We are big fans of this approach. So much so that we’ve created Simplified Essentials - a collection of sustainable cosmetics that have been pared down and simplified to create a beauty ritual of ethically sourced products with intention; products that lay the foundation for your low waste beauty rituals season after season.

We also love Capsule Beauty Rituals. Capsule Beauty is rooted in intention. It is being intentional with what we bring into our environment in order to focus on the integrity of our values and reduce excess waste. It is what drives those moments of joy we are always looking to create.

Not sure how to create your perfect palette? We’ve made that simple too with our Capsule Beauty Quiz. Don’t worry, it’s the best kind of quiz to help you discover your personal beauty style, pared down and simplified. We promise there are no wrong answers and you’ll learn something new about yourself. See? It’s the best kind of quiz.

Now that you’ve started to take note of what items truly bring those joyous moments, the next step to simplifying your beauty rituals is to reuse them in new ways.

Reuse your palettes and compacts

Remember our Capsule Beauty Quiz? This is where it comes into play. By adopting a Capsule approach to your beauty routine, you can lessen the amount of materials required and limit the possibility of materials ending up in the landfill.

That’s why we have bamboo palettes and a refillable system. Select your palette to be used time and time again, then refill it with the products that add joy to your rituals. 

When you’ve used them up, you can refill them again and again. There are so many ways to customize your palette just for you! 

This step doesn’t just stop at refillable makeup palettes. 

Get creative, and playful, with your products. That’s why they’re there. Your favourite Elate pencil isn’t exclusively for your eyes or lips. It’s for your eyes, cheeks, and lips. One pencil, three ways. 

A good multi use product that will go anywhere, takes up minimal space, and can play multiple roles. It’s your beauty bag’s best friend!

Recycle well loved products

So, now that we’ve created a Capsule Beauty Ritual with refillable cosmetics to bring moments of joy and found new ways to use and reuse them in our beauty rituals - what do we do next?

You send them back to us! Yes, we want your empty packages so that you don’t have to worry about how to recycle makeup containers. 

We are working on a closed loop system that will get us closer to a future with no single-use cosmetics packages and we want to do this with our makeup recycling program

We take the guesswork out of how to recycle your makeup containers, and you get to come along on the journey!

We invite you to send your items back to us so that we can make sure they end up in the right places. You also have the option of purchasing refills of these products through our expanded range of refillable items. 

That’s all there is to it. You now have a simplified beauty ritual to write home about - and it's sustainable! We’d love to hear some of the ways you’ve simplified your rituals. Or, if you tried this approach, we’d love for you to share your experience with us.

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