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Amplify Initiative Summer 2021: Rainbow Refugee

Elate’s Amplify Initiative brings light to environmental and social injustices as we strive to help support a concern that desperately needs to be addressed, yet rarely talked about.


With kindness and community being 2 of our core values, the Elate Team felt that Rainbow Refugee needed our support. Rainbow Refugee is our 2nd Amplify Initiative charity in which we donate 100% of the proceeds of select Elate products to the charity chosen by our team, and 10% of total sales on the 11th of every month. 

About Rainbow Refugee, a non-profit group that supports LGBTQ2I+/HIV+ refugee protection in Canada

Rainbow Refugee’s Mission: 

“To promote safe, equitable migration and communities of belonging, for people fleeing sexual orientation, gender identity and expression and HIV+ persecution.” 

Founded in 2000, in Vancouver BC, Rainbow Refugee provides refugee protection in Canada due to persecution of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression (SOGIE) or HIV status. 

In 2011, they began a national project in partnership with the Federal government to lead a blended sponsorship program called the Rainbow Refugee Assistance Project (RRAP). This project encourages Rainbow Refugee’s own Circles of Hope and other Canadian community organizations to sponsor LGBTQ2I+ asylum seekers.

Rainbow Refugee defines a refugee as someone who has a well-founded fear of being persecuted on account of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion.”


Funds donated to Rainbow Refugee are allocated to these areas of focus:

  • helping individuals and couples seeking refugee status in Canada, through overseas sponsorships and inland asylum.
  • free support drop-ins for LGBTQ2I+ and HIV+ people making refugee claims in Canada;
  • training workshops for organizations, including Red Cross First Contact-BC, and MOSAIC-BC and Bridge Clinic;
  • assistance for individuals and groups interested in sponsoring LGBTQ+ and HIV+ people to come to Canada

How you can donate to LGBTQ2I+ and HIV+ refugees through Elate’s Amplify Initiative


We’ve made it easy to contribute to Rainbow Refugee through our Amplify Initiative from July 1st-September 30th by donating here or by shopping the collection of Amplify products. These products give 100% of proceeds to the charitable organization, which means you get to shop this unique collection with human-kind intentions. 


We’ve added these two newly launched Better Balms to this collection – check them out here


Visit the Amplify Initiative page to join us in supporting all of the incredible efforts that Rainbow Refugee is providing to the LGBTQ2I+ community as we increase these efforts together. 



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