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Happy Birthday To Melodie Reynolds + Gift Giving Essentials

It is a special day; a day to celebrate Elate founder and CEO – Melodie because it's her birthday!

Today is a day, which can be just like any other day - to set your own intentions. To celebrate your purpose and to give yourself the voice of encouragement, the voice of self-compassion, the voice of possibility.

“I created Elate as an inspiration of my grandmother, watching her walk out the door with only the essentials and using her lipstick as a multipurpose stick - embracing everything that made her uniquely herself.”

“Her ritual has pioneered my way of interpreting age in the beauty industry; we need to abolish this notion that aging is a bad thing.” - We have already come such a long way to defy ageism, so why stop now?

We all hear it, the groans as we wish our peers a Happy Birthday, a day that they try to forget, while simultaneously being conditioned by advertising to think we have to “reverse the signs of aging” At Elate; no matter your age and journey, what stage you are at in life - we see you, we hear you and we amplify you.

In the spirit of giving with intention; here are some of Melodie's favorite Elate products she’ll be treating herself to on her birthday.

Prep Primer

“Whether I’m staying in all day or preparing for an important meeting—it doesn’t really matter— I never miss a day applying the Elate Prep Primer. It is incredibly calming and provides the perfect base for the rest of my capsule beauty routine.” 

Universal Creme

“I am such an advocate for Universal Creme, because it is just that- universal.” This is the ultimate gift for those just starting out with capsule beauty. For a gift that keeps on giving, it has the most natural glow to the skin and can be applied anywhere to your heart's desire. “It’s one of my favorite things to use!”

LipColour Pencil

While on the subject of multi-purpose, “Indulge” in the Elate LipColour Pencil. “Currently my favorite shade”, Indulge is a beautiful berry shade with a rich plum undertone - setting the mood for my fall capsule beauty ritual.

Makeup Brush

“We all love a good makeup brush, and with so many on the market - it is hard to choose just one, and why should you have to? Have them all!” Whether you are looking to start your collection, or shopping for the perfect gift; the Elate Bamboo Brush set will elevate your beauty routine!

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