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Finding the Best Sustainable Eyeshadow 

Finding the Best Sustainable Eyeshadow 

Finding a sustainable eyeshadow for your beauty rituals is easy when you have a few helpful tips to get started. 

With my experience as a sustainable makeup artist, I have learned so much, and will share some tips for choosing the best sustainable eyeshadow for your eye colour. These tips can be very helpful when you are navigating the world of colour. 

There are a few ways you can choose sustainable eyeshadow colours best suited for your eyes

  1. Using the colour wheel
  2. Work with your undertone & the type of jewelry you wear
  3. Choose the colours you love 

1. Colour Wheel

Using the colour wheel to choose a sustainable eyeshadow flatters your eye color and makes your eyes pop. The colour directly opposite of your eye colour on the wheel will complement your eye colour. For example: Orange is opposite blue, red is opposite green, yellow is opposite purple. 


Many people do not have one exact colour in their eyes - you can have a colour coming through such as blue with a green ring, hazel with green specks, green with a yellow undertone. This can be an even stronger indicator as to which colour eyeshadow you use when working with the colour wheel. 

These are the colours that complement each eye colour:

Blue Eyes: Orange, Rust, Brown, Gold, Copper, Peach & Coral 

Elate EyeColours that flatter blue eyes




Merit Eye Colour Pencil

Brown Eyes: Teal, Purple, Navy, Yellow, Silver 

Elate EyeColours that flatter brown eyes




Evolve Eye Colour Pencil

Green Eyes: Pink, Rose Gold, Wine, Burgundy, Taupe & Smokey Grey

Elate EyeColours that flatter green eyes




Mystic Eye Colour Pencil

Hazel Eyes: Green, Gold, Purple, Yellow, Fuchsia & Pink

Elate EyeColours that flatter hazel eyes



Able EyeLine Pencil

Strive Eye Colour Pencil

Glitz Eye Colour Pencil

2. Find your skin’s undertone

Using your skin’s undertone can also be helpful when deciding if you want to wear cool or warm eyeshadows. You may have heard someone refer to your undertone as “spring, summer, autumn and winter” Here is my rule of thumb for undertones:

If your undertone is cool, silver is typically flattering on your skin.

If your undertone is warm, gold is typically flattering on your skin.

If your undertone is neutral, rose gold, copper or both gold and silver are typically flattering on your skin.

Here’s how to determine your undertone:

Cool: pink/red in skin, blushes/burns easily, blue veins

Neutral: slight green in skin, blue green veins 

Warm: yellow or golden in skin, green veins  


3. Choosing eyeshadow colours you love

At the end of the day, you get to decide what beauty is to you and you can wear whatever eyeshadow colour that makes you feel like your best self. Create your own refillable palette of sustainable eyeshadow colours that bring you joy. 

I hope you take the opportunity to step a little outside your comfort zone and explore some new sustainable eyeshadow colours that you may not normally choose. If you want more assistance choosing a sustainable eyeshadow colour or exploring colours to suit your undertone, hair colour or eye colours, reach out to our customer support team. They would be happy to assist you in finding the ideal shades for all your beauty essentials.

-Jacqueline Parker, Elate Makeup Artist and Educator

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