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How to Find the Best Makeup Primer for your Skin

Primers are often the “most asked about” skin support product from the Elate community, so we are sharing the benefits of wearing a vegan makeup primer here, to help you feel confident when deciding to wear a primer.

clean beauty makeup primer

Why wear a makeup primer? 

By creating a barrier between your skin care and your makeup, a primer creates a smooth finish while prolonging the wear of your foundation – as well as other complexion products like loose powder and blush. Primers are not by any means a superficial beauty essential, if you are applying one with skin-benefitting ingredients for your type of skin. This means finding a makeup primer that includes healthy, vegan and cruelty free ingredients such as aloe and vegan hyaluronic acid to nurture your skin all day. 

Finding the best vegan makeup primer for your skin type

In order to find the best vegan makeup primer suited for your beauty rituals, it is recommended to first determine your skin type. 

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself in determining your skin type:

  • Does your skin end up feeling taught, possibly begins to flake, and loses its natural hydration throughout the day? 

You may have dry skin.

  • Do you notice excess shine on the majority of your face throughout the day? If you dab tissue to the face, do you notice a lot of moisture on the tissue once you pull it away? 

You may have oily skin. 

  • Does your skin generally have a shine across the forehead, along your nose, and chin but feels tighter on cheekbones and jaw? 

You may have combination skin. 

  • Does your skin have none of the extremities mentioned, and nothing particular stands out as an inconvenience? 

You may have balanced skin. 

For oily, combination, or balanced skin, Refine Mattifying Primer absorbs excess oil and creates a smooth matte finish for your *Elate foundation to glide on effortlessly – free of shine. Vegan hyaluronic acid in this mattifying primer keeps the skin mildly hydrated while the bamboo microzest absorbs excess oil on the surface of the skin. 


If your skin leans towards dry, or balanced, and you prefer a natural looking lustre throughout your day, a hydrating makeup primer is encouraged. Prep Primer, our original best-selling smoothing makeup primer, can keep your skin feeling well balanced and smooth with added hydrating properties and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as rose geranium, aloe and vegan hyaluronic acid.


When to apply a makeup primer

Makeup primers are typically applied after the last step of your morning skin care rituals; this means after all mists, toners, moisturizers and liquid/creme SPFs have had a chance to dry. 

Think of applying a primer as the transition from skin care

 to your makeup application. 

After your skin care has dried, apply your primer to the skin. Let your primer sit for about 60 seconds before applying your foundation, concealer, loose powder, or blush. This is a great moment to take a few slow, deep and mindful breaths to ease into the day. We have a great guided meditation to start during this time. Listen here. 

How to apply Elate’s vegan makeup primers

To apply Refine Mattifying Primer, only a small amount of product is needed. Use a pea-sized amount and dot onto your skin in the oiliest parts of the face. Blend the primer outwards to smooth into the skin and cover your desired areas for a matte finish. Let dry for 1-2 minutes before applying your foundation or complexion products. 


Mattifying makeup primer in white glass jar


Prep Primer is most effective with just a couple of drops onto the palm of one of your hands. Lightly press hands together to evenly distribute and press onto the skin starting in the center of the face working outwards.  Let dry for 1 minute before applying your foundation or complexion products. 


A makeup primer can have as many benefits for your skin as it does for your makeup, by finding the one that works best for your skin type. 

Shop Primers and other skin-loving products here.

*Refine Mattifying Primer and Prep Primer were both created specifically to pair with Elate Foundations. If you are wanting to try an Elate primer under another foundation, we recommend purchasing a sample of your desired primer first, before committing to a full size. 

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