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How to refill an Elate Bamboo Compact

Elate Bamboo Compacts

In order to reduce waste, we need to stay curious about our daily rituals and how we consume. With every decision, we each have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the planet. 


More than 120 billion units of cosmetic packaging are produced globally each year. Most of these will end up in the landfill. A great place to reduce waste in cosmetic packaging are in the compacts themselves. 


Elate Bamboo Compacts are made of sustainable, water treated bamboo with strong magnets that secure the aluminum refill pans into place. The ability to refill these compacts over and over again makes them an asset in your beauty bag, meaning there’s no need to replace the packaging itself. All you are left with at the end of your product's lifecycle is an empty aluminum pan to recycle responsibly. 


Which Elate products can be stored in each refillable bamboo compact?


Bamboo Blush Compact 

The Bamboo Blush Compact holds Elate Pressed Cheek Colour and Universal Creme securely in place. The depth of this compact solely fits these two products because they are filled with 9 grams of cheek colour in the recyclable, aluminum refill pans. 


Bamboo Foundation Compact

The Bamboo Foundation Compact is custom to fit Elate Pressed Foundation refills. This compact is slightly deeper than the Blush Compact in order to fit the 16 grams of Pressed Foundation that is encased in the recyclable aluminum pan.. 


How to remove the pan from your bamboo compact

Once you’ve #hitpan and used up all of your cheek colour or Pressed Foundation, it’s time to remove your pan from the bamboo compact. This is very simple to do–the only thing you’ll need is a paperclip! 


  1. Remove the sticker from the back of the compact to reveal the small hole 
  2. Take the end of a paper clip or something with a similar sized tip, and insert into the hole to push the aluminum pan out. (there may be an adhesive on the back of the pan so give it a little push and use your fingers to pull the pan out from the front side edges)
  3. Once you have removed the pan, either find a creative way to reuse it or toss it into your household recycling bin


How to refill your bamboo compact

Now that you have removed your pan, it’s time to refill! You will just need to make sure that the bamboo compact you have is aligned with the new cheek colour or Pressed Foundation you have purchased, as stated above. 

  1. Pop your new refill pan into your compact (notice the magnet click into place) and its ready to use
  2. Plant the seed paper envelope that your refill came in, during the Spring or Summer to grow wildflowers!
To learn more about refillable Bamboo Compacts and to shop the collection, visit our tools and palettes page here.

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