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Refillable Makeup Palette: What fits inside the Bamboo Capsule Palette?

As a collective, we are becoming more conscious of how and what we consume. That’s why we created a refillable and customizable makeup palette– the Bamboo Capsule Palette

Made of water-treated, sustainable bamboo, the Bamboo Capsule Palette has the right amount of space for your low waste beauty rituals. Small enough to fit into your Capsule Beauty Bag and big enough to create your favourite looks with only a few capsule favourites

refillable makeup palette

Here are a few ways to use this refillable makeup palette: 


If wearing a new shade of eyeshadow every day of the week brings you joy.., you’ll love the Bamboo Capsule Palette! Fill it with up to 8 Elate Eye Colours or mix other aluminum-backed eye shadows in to create your custom makeup palette.


Choose your 4 favourite Eye Colours, and add in a Pressed Cheek Colour or Universal Creme to have your favourite seasonal colours all in one place. Great for refreshing your Capsule Beauty kit for the season!

eye shadow palette, clean beauty


Have you ever struggled with deciding which makeup to pack for a weekend away;  just because the compacts were too clunky? The Bamboo Capsule Palette keeps your low waste beauty essentials in one place for easy packing with 8 magnets, to prevent from sliding around.
Travel with 2 Elate Eye Colours, 1 Brow Balm, 1 Creme Revealer and your Pressed Foundation.

refillable palette, clean beauty


Finally, your low waste foundation and cheek colour can be stored together–a minimalist’s dream! Our Pressed Foundation refills pop into this makeup palette with the click of a magnet. Include your go-to Elate blush, bronzer or highlighter to keep your daily beauty rituals simple!


Choose between our Pressed Cheek Colours and Universal Cremes, to customize your bronzer/highlighter Capsule Palette for your sustainable glow! This Elate team-favourite combo is Wonder Universal Creme and Gild Universal Creme.

bronzer palette

The options are endless with this refillable Bamboo Capsule Palette to help minimize your daily rituals, and excess packaging from hitting the landfills. 

Check out our other refillable bamboo palettes, here.

We’d love to see how you refill your Capsule Palette! Tag us @elatecosmetics on Instagram and Facebook so we can follow your sustainable beauty journey! 

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