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Small businesses are a gift, they are part of our family in the bigger picture of community. They are vital to the economy and have a grand voice for future generations to look back on. Those of us who have a penchant for shopping local, are the educators for change, ensuring we can all learn from the goodness of support.

Elate is a small, family/ employee- owned business that also supports other small businesses around the globe through Elate Partnerships. We recognize and celebrate all diverse small businesses and brands; and with the season of giving gearing up, we invite you to consider shopping intentionally and exploring the abundance of small businesses open to you on every street or online.


Here are a few reasons why you should shop small and what you can do to show your love and support.

1. Purchasing Power:

when you purchase at a locally owned business, your money goes straight back into your community, as small businesses are more likely to acquire services and providers that are also based locally. They are invested in the community's future and welfare.

Don’t assume a business is closed just because their front doors are. Look online to see if they’re still operating as many stores have closed their doors and opened up their digital storefronts.

2. Community Support:

Local business networks build the foundation of infusing community support and good deeds. Many small companies spread the wealth and allocate charitable actions to initiatives in a local organization. Gift tip: Intentional giving is best felt when you donate what you can, if you have the means - contribute to a fundraiser and spread the gift of social and environmental support.

3.Double the charm:

Brick and mortar paint the walls of the communal mosaic. They amplify character and charm along the streets and bring vibrancy and meaning to the word “thrive”. Show your support by spreading the word; and lead with change by posting your love on social media or using your power of “word-of-mouth” by referring others to your favorite shop.


What better way to guarantee income to a small entrepreneur? Gift cards not only guarantee a sale to the business you recommend, you also send a new customer to their store or website.

There are so many more reasons why you should shop small. The Elate Community is devoted to keeping all of our partners’ dreams afloat, with determination to survive.

We have the utmost respect and admiration for the Elate Partners, and we are thankful for having them as part of our community, sticking with us during these testing times. The alliance that has been built, is global and has given everyone hope and drive.

Here are some Elate Partners who have so much to offer on your sustainable, and intentional gift giving wishlist!




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