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Sustainable Gift Giving + Gift Guide

We empower you to set your intentions and encourage your creativity by educating your loved ones on your social and environmental values; to give and receive in a way that is truly fulfilling.

There are wonderful ways you can still enjoy the usual festivities with a more sustainable approach here are some ideas for mindful giving;

Gift with purpose with gifts that give back

Give your loved one a gift that makes a meaningful impact in the world. Model your values by giving gifts that share your enthusiasm for the brands you choose - what mission do they have behind their company?

The best gifts are the ones that give back to the environment and to the economy.

Nothing evokes the holiday spirit more than giving gifts that help others in a direct, effective way. The recipient will know they're making a difference in the lives of people who really need it and that is the greatest gift ever felt.

Buy into the brand, not the packaging

Skip the pomp and circumstance when purchasing gifts and products. There's no denying that brands dress up their offerings with opulent designs and extra packaging, evoking excitement during an already exciting time, but at what cost will it come to the environment?

One of the biggest contributors to waste during this time is wrapping paper. Reuse reuse reuse! We cannot emphasize that enough! The Elate Community are ambassadors of our products with bamboo packaging, and are often reusing in their means to pass along gifts to the ones they love.

This could mean reusing old maps or old boxes, scrap paper or even a fancy silk scarf, have some fun with your gift wrapping and in doing so will create a fun little story.

One stop shopping

Shop local or shop with intention at one location: read our shop local blog post, and be sure to visit The Elate Marketplace as it is a great example of one stop shopping. Shopping at one destination can curve your carbon impact as purchases will be combined in boxes and will also give you a peace of mind, knowing you have no other stops to make.

Read our blog post on shopping local, or be sure to check out our store locator!


If you know your loved one is passionate about an artist or a brand in your area directly purchase their handcrafted items! By purchasing from an artisan, you're also giving a gift to them and empowering them to thrive while improving the life of their family.


In the spirit of the season making a real difference can truly be felt. Consider making a donation that can express how much you care about your loved ones and your community, by donating to charities or causes that the recipient feels very strongly for. Your gift donation will truly have an impact on making the lives of others better long after the holidays are over.

Elate is now B-Corporation certified! Check out our blog post here.

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