Safety Razor - Black

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Safety Razor Blades
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This brass-handled, reusable razor checks all the boxes when it comes to achieving the most sustainable shave. The feel-good shave you get with Well Kept starts with the low waste packaging and carries through to the smooth finish of the skin– but doesn't end there. Refill this razor with Well Kept's recyclable Safety Razor Blades for a cost-effective low waste shower ritual.


A few tips and tricks that will help you get the best shave possible: Take your time. Steam and exfoliate. Apply shave oil or soap. Don't apply any pressure. Go with the grain. Keep the razor clean. Keep the blades sharp.


Made of powder coated solid brass.

How to put together or change the blades on your razor: Take hold of your razor in one hand, gripping the head of the razor in the other. Be sure to pinch from the top and bottom in order to avoid the blade which protrudes from the sides. Unscrew the handle and gently lay down the pieces. If you’re changing out the blade this is a great time to give all three pieces a good rinse.

Putting it back together is simple. Position the blade onto the top cover. Position the next on top of the blade ensuring the spacer (the elevated square) touches the blade. Finally, screw the handle back into place. Remember to hold the head steady from the top and bottom rather then sides in order to avoid pinching the blade.

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