About Our Ethical Marketplace

Ethical products by Elate


Simplify your daily rituals. Create global impact.

Elate-approved, sustainable lifestyle essentials.

What is Elate’s Ethical Marketplace?
A consciously-curated, trusted place to empower everyday efforts with a positive global impact so you can find the sustainable essentials that align with your values.

Now, more than ever people are paying close attention to ingredients, where their products come from, who makes them, and the practices and values that brands are committed to.


Why an Ethical Marketplace? 

Because of you-our community. 

You’ve expressed your trust in our values and practices. You’ve offered suggestions of ways that we can help prioritize marginalized communities. You’ve requested product recommendations to support your personal values. You’ve even tagged these brands to show your love and support for them, yourself.

You, our highly insightful community initiated Elate’s Ethical Marketplace.


How have we chosen the brands and products in the Ethical Marketplace?
Community is at the heart of everything we do, so when we began discussing what types of brands we wanted to include in the Ethical Marketplace, we went straight to the Elate team and community. It was easy to recognize the incredible brands already involved in our community, trusted brands that we’ve collaborated with in the past, and many new brands with shared communities across the globe.

We only partner with brands that share a combination of our 5 conscious principles and Elate’s ingredient integrity mandate.

Elate’s 5 Conscious Principles

  1. Impact-Understanding that every individual effort (even the smallest choice) creates a global impact
  2. Ethics-Trusted, transparent, and authentic
  3. Community-A commitment to social responsibility
  4. Future-Innovative solutions to daily rituals that reduce our global footprint
  5. Mission-Empowering everyone to be their best selves, by choosing to use the best possible products

Elate’s ingredient integrity mandate:

  • Sustainable ingredients
  • Ethically-sourced
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Gluten-free
  • High quality with YOU and the planet in mind

Brand Partner integrity mandate:

  • Durable performance of products for longevity
  • Low waste packaging
  • Zero animal testing
  • Inclusive to all
  • Fair living wages
  • Products that don’t compromise the health of any person, animal, or planet