Our Impact

What is Conscious Beauty?

Intentional, purposeful, ritual. For many of us, putting on makeup is an automatic act, a routine. At Elate Cosmetics, we believe everyday routine becomes ritual when the action is more meaningful than the outcome, and that true beauty is in the ritual itself. The small measures of self-care we afford ourselves daily are the seeds of self-love we plant to grow more confident, more powerful, and more beautiful than we could ever imagine.

Elate Cosmetics is at the heart of the conscious beauty movement. We want to empower everyone to make healthy choices and use the best possible products for their daily ritual. Products that don’t compromise the health of any person, animal or the planet. With integrity and kindness, we strive for balance and aim to redefine the future of the beauty industry and help save the planet. The opposite of kindness is not cruelty, it is inattention - and we are paying attention. We believe no animal or person should ever be harmed to make beauty products. From the companies we partner with, to the ingredients we choose and the way our products are marketed, we choose to operate with kindness, never with fear or shame. Know that you are a perfect and whole being, and that we are here to support you on your journey to a more intentional lifestyle.

Capsule Beauty

Capsule Beauty is the philosophy that if we consciously select what we bring into our everyday rituals, it will not only bring us joy but start to reduce our environmental impact.

Creating a sustainable beauty bag can reduce impulse purchasing that may lead to more waste and buyers remorse. We want to create a tool that asks the important questions: What do we love about ourselves and want to highlight? How do we do so without compromising on quality or values?

By selecting pieces that are both versatile and timeless, you are stepping closer toward creating space and time for what you love, and simplifying your rituals so that you have more energy to pour into other aspects of your life that inspire you.

Redefining Beauty

Beauty is for everyone. Regardless of gender identity, age, ethnicity, or body type. Inclusive, and ever evolving, there is not a singular definition. YOU should get to decide what beauty is to you. We aim to support you in this discovery with conscious products, and ethical marketing. At Elate we believe that the ritual can become more important than the results. Self care is for everyone and we want to encourage every person to spend a little time on themselves.

Beauty should never come at the cost of our environment and through the seeds we plant we can watch beauty grow from our daily ritual. With integrity and kindness, we strive for balance and aim to redefine the future of the beauty industry and help save the planet.

Putting on mascara, isn’t going to change the world. But it may change your perception of yourself so you can. Go forth, and feel beautiful.