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Simplify Sustainable

Reduce, Reuse, Refresh.

Your favourite products, now even better for people and the planet.

Billions of cosmetic packaging end up in landfills every year. We want to change that. We are changing that. We have more power to be better, together. We are daring to be responsible for our products long after they have left our warehouse and have been loved by you. When your returns are received at Elate, we will add 50 Beauty Ritualist points to your account for every 3 empty containers you send us!

We are taking responsibility. We are closing the loop. We are rewarding you for joining us in choosing to do better, to be better.

Together, we can reduce the amount of cosmetic packaging that ends up in the landfill.

Together, we can make the beauty industry a little bit more beautiful.

Together, we can leave our planet a little bit better than we found it.