Dream Seeker Capsule Beauty Kit

$74.00 CAD
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Simplify your beauty rituals with this kindly-curated Capsule Beauty Kit to compliment your eyes and complexion with ease. From neutral day-looks to bold nighttime glam, these 4 Pressed EyeColours are all you’ll need to create any desired look.

Created with natural and ethically-sourced mineral pigments, organic jojoba oil, and bamboo extract, these EyeColours encourage you to express everything you stand for!

This palette includes one Bamboo Capsule Palette, 4 Pressed EyeColours, and has the option to include a Pressed Cheek Colour.

This palette was kindly curated to bring out the blue in your eyes.

Pressed EyeColours Included in this Kit:

Union: a matte cream tone with a bright finish

Rise: a deep neutral brown with subtle shimmer 

Earthen: a matte neutral brown

Quintessence: a pearly peach

Optional Pressed Cheek Colours:

Brave: a soft medium pink with cool undertones.

Titian: a warm tangerine coral, perfectly bold on all skin types


Elate Capsule Palettes are made of water treated bamboo and will fit any Elate magnetic pans. EyeColours come in recyclable aluminum pans

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