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The Joy of Work: Values and Alignment at Elate Beauty

Be Your Best Self.

This is the phrase we live by everyday at Elate Beauty. It is what underlines our company and is the foundation of our workplace. 

We come in everyday with this in mind, because when we are our best selves, we do our best work and can focus on our larger goals of changing the face of the beauty industry. 

This is what defines our company culture; our set of ideas, values, and practices that make our environment exceptional. These are the building blocks that make up our company; It’s ethos, if you will.

Our space is one that is healthy - and balanced - to allow individual experiences to thrive and come together in ways where the best work is possible. We align with the philosophies of Elate because our values are Elate’s values too. 

Curiosity and Joy: The culture at Elate

Our culture is made up of our core values of kindness, community, integrity, and curiosity. Oh, and a little joy. When we come together to create beautiful and sustainable cruelty-free cosmetics, we bring these values to the table and ensure they are sewn into the fabric of our creative processes. 

Our value of kindness is fundamental in our decision making when creating vegan makeup that supports people and the planet. We are kind, not just nice. We go beyond the politeness of not wanting to rock the boat to the kindness of doing what is right, even when it means making waves. We are kind to each other, to animals, and to the planet. We practice kindness in everything we do; including using ingredients that are ethically sourced from suppliers who use fair trade practices to keep our products 100% vegan and cruelty-free.  

Our goals are to empower, educate and inspire our community. We do this with our team as well, because our community starts here. Community is everything to us. The Elate headquarters is an open concept space to allow the flow of conversation, innovation, ideas and creativity. Our office is bright and energetic. Bubbly and charming. 

We have integrity for what we do, and for each other. We openly share near misses and celebrate wins, big and small. We cheer each other on and offer a hand when someone needs it. We value honesty and authenticity, and commit ourselves to maintaining a high standard when it comes to our practices and communication. 

What are we if not curious? Curiosity is how we do things. We wonder if something can be done differently, then are curious enough to find out how it can be done differently - and be done better. We are ever-evolving, learning and improving. We pride ourselves on our commitment to leading change in the cosmetics industry by always remaining curious. Here, curiosity allows things to evolve, develop, and be better than they were before.

Joy, the last of our core values. This one is unwritten, but perhaps the most important of them all. Joy is what inspires us to come in everyday and be our best selves. We see joy in everything we do. We work hard, we laugh harder, and we support each other, always. We make room for a little bit of joy in everyday - sometimes a lot of joy in everyday. 

We are showing up to change the world, one lipstick at a time. Follow along on our sustainable beauty journey to see how we're making progress on this mission!

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